About me

I am a senior undergrad at IIT Kharagpur, where I was advised by Pabitra Mitra for my thesis project on image super-resolution using generative adversarial networks. During my life at college, I used to spend time promoting open source awareness being a part of Kharagpur Open Source Society.

I like to solve real-world problems using simple, maintainable and readable code where I often work on software engineering projects trying to make computers reduce human workload and occasionally on research projects in the intersection of computer vision and deep learning.


Jan 2021  Joined Zerodha as a software engineering intern. Project code published here
Jul 2020     Joined Real-Time Intelligent Systems (RTIS) Laboratory at UNLV as a research intern under the supervision of Prof. Brendan Morris
Apr 2020  Joined Data Exploration Lab (DXL) at NCSA, UIUC as a research intern under the supervision of Prof. Matt Turk
Oct 2019Attended the biannual developer conference of Mercurial software
May 2019Google Summer of Code proposal accepted at Python Software Foundation. Final report available here